An ideal place to work

Why work for Angelini

The principles of ethics, individual responsibility, and passion for performance, together with a desire to innovate and to build value, inspire working life within the Angelini Group, creating a challenging and motivating environment for our people.

These are the principles underpinning the Angelini Group’s Employee Value Proposition:

A change to drive.

A purpose to embrace.

A place to belong.

These words summarize and describe the experience of working within the Angelini Group and are therefore representative for every company in the Group.

Working in the Angelini Group means:

A change to drive - Make a difference through your work, across the Group.

In the Angelini Group, everyone finds opportunities to learn, grow, and create value through mobility and inter-company contamination. Everyone’s role is essential, and everyone has the tools at their disposal to nurture their professional growth and have an impact on people’s lives and well-being.

A purpose to embrace - Innovation with purpose.

The Angelini Group is founded on 100 years of history and on strong, clear, and shared values. The success of our companies is based on innovation, constantly respecting the highest ethical standards towards people, whether they be colleagues, consumers, or the communities in which we operate. Through our work, we proudly face the responsibility of helping to build a better society.

A place to belong - People-centered, business-oriented; the Angelini way.

The Angelini Way is the way we work: strong business and results orientation with a shared sense of belonging, care, and respect, in a welcoming and open environment. This means always being able to count on your colleagues, in a stimulating, positively competitive workplace, where you can grow without leaving anyone behind. In short, an industrial group characterized by a human touch.

Welfare policies

The companies of the Angelini group promote welfare policies to serve their employees in financial and social protection terms.
The measures put in place by the group’s companies include:

  • Contractual funds to supplement pensions and social assistance
  • Insurance policies
  • The option of enjoying flexible benefits (e.g.: family support services, supplementary pension funds, public transport tickets, cultural and leisure-time services, sports, etc.)
  • Extended parental leave
  • Health promotion
  • Scholarships for the children of employees

Professional training and development programmes

Sustaining and strengthening knowledge and skills is a clear competitive advantage. With this awareness, the Angelini group periodically measures its employees’ levels of technical and managerial skills and devises programmes dedicated to the development of such skills.
The “Talent Map” is regularly updated thanks to assessments of potential conducted with international partners.

Two versions of this map are available. A global version allows for the centralised management of talents so they can be located between companies or locations depending on available opportunities. A local version allows for the best resources of each individual company to be nurtured through personalized development plans and career paths.

The Angelini group offers those within the company technical and managerial training programmes and job rotation systems, which include the use of internal job postings. It also offers the opportunity to become a “Project Team Member” and to participate in inter-company and inter-departmental projects which enhance the potential of each individual, even outside of their own specific of competence.

Meritocratic management of talents

For the Angelini group, managing talented people is a fundamental activity, to be handled through a structured approach in which, once the talent is objectively identified, specialised training courses and specific reward and recognition initiatives are provided.

These initiatives include:

Angelini Future Leaders Program

An 18-month, management training programme dedicated to young international talents, from both inside and outside the group. The programme involves top-quality managerial training as well as a real professional experience in the group: two pillars which form the basis needed to take on a managerial role in one of the group’s companies after the course. The Angelini Future Leaders Program is supported by the Angelini Academy and is rooted in the collaboration between the Angelini group and the SDA BOCCONI School of Management, the international business school ranked among the top ten in Europe by the Financial Times.

The second edition is ongoing, click here to discover more.


Through this initiative, young talents shadow senior directors to develop specific managerial skills in a process through which know-how is passed on and experiences shared.

Be Ambassador

Acting as an Ambassador for the Angelini Group at institutional events such as career days and hackathons and representing the company at Universities and Business Schools.