R&D programmes

The Angelini group began its R&D experience in the 1960s when it developed original pharmaceutical molecules, and continues today with an investment strategy aimed at constant product innovation.

Research and Development in the pharmaceutical sector

Over the years, Angelini Research has identified active ingredients, such as trazodone and benzydamine, which have become cornerstones of pharmacotherapy.
Currently, research and development programmes are ongoing in the area of the development of new treatments for the paediatric population
More than 30 clinical studies involving over 2,000 patients in 12 countries are underway.
Angelini Pharma boasts public-private collaborations with national and international Universities and Centres of Excellence, and recognises the important contribution that scientific networking makes to innovation.  An excellent example is that of the collaboration with the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia [Italian Institute of Technology] (GE), which is famous worldwide for its cutting-edge programmes on computational science and robotics. In 2013, Angelini begun working with this institute in the field of research on the central nervous system. A similarly forward-looking partnership exists with King’s College London, on the topic of analgesia.

Innovative automation and robotics systems

Fameccanica has established itself as an international automation and robotics group for consumer goods production and logistics. It develops high-productivity plants and technologies and high value-added digital services, with a continual focus on sustainability in order to satisfy our customers’ needs for competitiveness and innovation. 

As a result of its research and development efforts, over the years the company has filed about 900 patents, of which 500 are active today, creating innovative solutions in technologies, processes, and products. 

After receiving the “Life Best Award” in 2018 for its Glueless project supporting progress in environmental, nature conservation, and climate areas, in 2020 Fameccanica started a new project co-funded by the EU’s LIFE Programme. This program, known as Life All-In, is aimed at integrating the manufacturing process of the materials that make up absorbent hygiene products, in order to reduce raw material amounts and supply chain steps.

For more information on the LIFE ALL_IN project, please visit the website https://it.life-all-in.eu (life-all-in.eu):

Fater’s product innovation

Innovation belongs to the DNA of Fater, which has created revolutionary and conceptually new products throughout its history. 

Among the most recent developments is the Ace Green project, where innovation means reducing environmental impact both in packaging and formulation, with two innovative and sustainable product lines.

Packaging made with FSC certified recycled paper, bottles made with 100% recycled plastic, and products with reduced environmental impact, without microplastics. All this goes hand in hand with a reduction in water consumption of between 95% and 100%, depending on the specific product, between single-dose and recharges.