Process innovation

In Angelini, innovation extends throughout the processes with an Industry 4.0-approach, integrating new manufacturing technologies, creating new business models and improving systems quality.

From Gantt to Sprint

The principles of agile software development have changed how projects and processes are approached. One example of this is the integrated route that led to the development of Angelini Holding’s new digital ecosystem, which consists of three new environments which are all integrated: the MyA digital workplace; the Angelini Holding website; and the upcoming platform dedicated to Angelini Academy training activities.

The construction stages, which are still ongoing, began with a committed effort to learn the needs of its users. These were then put into practice during the definition stage, which created “user personas”, models representing user types, requirements and behaviours. Finally, research and design were prototyped and tested using high-speed sprints until a final result that truly satisfied users’ needs was achieved.