Digital Transformation

Angelini plays an active part in spreading the culture of technological innovation at all levels, both by adopting innovative technologies (IoT, Big data, Chatbots, Blockchains) and through training and reskilling activities with a digital mindset. At the same time, an Open Innovation  process is currently underway, which has led to the recent construction of a physical area dedicated to innovation. 

Innovation Space

Innovation Space is the name of the area constructed within Casa Angelini for the purpose of accelerating innovation in Digital Transformation projects, by means of collaboration between the Angelini Group and a select network of professionals and start-ups.  The Innovation Space also aims to spread digital culture more widely, generating a constant enrichment of skills through the exchange of concepts from both inside and outside the company.

Partnership with Talent Garden

Talent Garden - which is currently Europe's largest networking and digital innovation platform – is the strategic partner chosen by Angelini in undertaking its own Digital Transformation Journey.

The goal of this collaboration is to promote the development of digital culture within the company, improve people’s awareness on the topic of innovation, and generate concrete ideas to apply to the business.

Augmented reality for the pharmaceutical sector

Of all the available technological tools, augmented reality has a particularly relevant role to play on production sites, such as assisting research and the handling of goods, facilitating picking and order assembly activities, and much more.

In the pharmaceutical field, augmented reality is a tool which allows pharmaceutical representatives to demonstrate the characteristics of drugs and devices and how they work in a simple, striking manner using a tablet or a smartphone.

Chatbots in pharmaceutical customer service

The chatbot called Angela is a software based on Artificial Intelligence, which is capable of interpreting human language to an extent that allows an “intelligent” response to users’ questions. In particular, Angela is the virtual assistant which supports Angelini Pharma’s client pharmacists on a dedicated portal.

Useful administrative information regarding orders, invoices and promotions can be retrieved quickly and accurately.

By using Angela, it has been possible to reduce times, make access to the digital content of the Angelini group easier and instantaneous, and increase the satisfaction of pharmacists dealing with Angelini.

Gamification - The virtual game A100 

The use of elements borrowed from game design techniques in unrelated contexts represents an effective tool to engage people in an interactive way, communicating concepts and contents with an innovative, enjoyable approach.

To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Angelini Group, a digital virtual game called A100 was developed. The game relates the history of the company, looking back on its most significant milestones. 
Translated into 14 languages, A100 boasts a User Experience whose smallest details have been painstakingly attended to, along with a User Interface that reflects those of trending digital products.

The results have been encouraging: over 3,000 employees connected in an educational and enjoyable virtual experience.

Digital applications in the world of industrial machines

The growing impact of Big Data and the interpretation thereof has allowed increasingly fast, flexible and efficient processes to be implemented in the industrial sector, enabling the production of higher-quality, lower-cost items.

Fameccanica, in keeping with its motto of “Non Stop Innovation”, is an integral part of this enormous transformation and has developed a range of Digital Applications which increase the potential of machinery thanks to IoT technology. Machines are thus made more competitive: faster, smarter, predictive and self-regulating.

The CHANGEOVER App allows greater efficiency in managing the activities related to switching the product being manufactured, with a substantial reduction in the time required for the process.
The PRODUCTION MONITOR/EASYLIFE App, instead, provides the option of controlling machine performances and processes remotely, at any time and any place.

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