Digital Transformation

Innovation is one of the values which inspires the activities of the Angelini group, and represents a roadmap for the future. The group encourages the development of and experimentation with effective, concrete solutions, accepting the business risks necessary for the growth of the company.

Digital Innovation

Angelini Holding promotes and spreads a culture of technological innovation in the knowledge that, in a diversified industrial group, mastering innovation represents added value for all business sectors.

Angelini pursues a process of Open Innovation through partnerships with innovation schools, incubators, and system integrators, in order to improve digital skills and foster the ability to create innovative projects. Partnerships include those with SMAU, the Polytechnic University of Milan, H-Farm, and TAG Innovation School. Angelini Holding conducted a Digital Transformation Journey with Talent Garden - Europe’s largest networking and training platform for digital innovation - aimed at 100 Group Managers. The journey promoted the development of digital culture within the company, to increase skills in innovation and generate concrete ideas to be applied to the business. This has led to the development of digital transformation projects such as chatbot and digital workplace.

Innovation Space was created at Casa Angelini with the aim of accelerating innovation. Here, it is possible to organize demos on innovative projects and hold envisioning meetings to create, invent, and prototype new business ideas. Innovation Space is a constantly evolving environment: Intelligent displays, 3D printers for prototype development, and new Mixed Reality Viewers are just some of the upcoming features.


From Gantt to Sprint

The principles of agile software development have changed how projects and processes are approached. One example of this is the integrated route that led to the development of Angelini Holding’s new digital ecosystem, which consists of three new environments which are all integrated: the MyA digital workplace; the Angelini Holding website; and the upcoming platform dedicated to Angelini Academy training activities.

The construction stages, which are still ongoing, began with a committed effort to learn the needs of its users. These were then put into practice during the definition stage, which created “user personas”, models representing user types, requirements and behaviours. Finally, research and design were prototyped and tested using high-speed sprints until a final result that truly satisfied users’ needs was achieved.

Smart Energy Saving

The objective of the project, which was awarded SMAU Innovation Prize, was to improve the energy efficiency of the Ancona pharmaceutical plant, through a process of technological evolution that made it possible to centralize all energy consumption data and analyze it in an automated way. Victoria, a Robo-Analyst, has been implemented to identify the most interesting information emerging from the data, detecting abnormal consumption and potentially critical situations on the plants at an early stage, as well as patterns and trends that may offer useful suggestions for improvement. These data can be constantly monitored in real time on dashboards. In the final project phase, which has just been completed, an interface was developed for the predictive analysis of energy consumption, using machine learning algorithms.

Chatbots in pharmaceutical customer service

The chatbot named Angela is a software based on Artificial Intelligence, which is capable of interpreting human language to the extent that allows an “intelligent” response to users’ questions. In particular, Angela is the virtual assistant which supports Angelini Pharma’s client pharmacists on a dedicated portal.

Useful administrative information regarding orders, invoices and promotions can be retrieved quickly and accurately.

By using Angela, times have been reduced, access to Angelini group's digital content has become easier and instantaneous, and pharmacists' satisfaction has increased when dealing directly with Angelini.

Digital applications in the world of industrial machines

The growing impact of big data and its interpretation allows for faster, more flexible, and more efficient processes in industry that can lead to higher quality products at lower costs.

In line with its motto “Non-stop Innovation”, Fameccanica is an integral part of this enormous transformation, and has developed a set of digital applications to increase the potential of equipment through IoT technology. As a result, equipment becomes more competitive: faster, smarter, more predictive, and self-adjusting.

Today, the portfolio includes eight apps that offer benefits in terms of: remote performance and process control; increased efficiency in product changeovers; management and reduction of raw material quantities used in production processes; digital documentation; energy savings; and more.

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