Personal Care and Fabric and Home Care  


Pioneers in the field of personal care

Angelini has operated in the hygiene and personal care sector through Fater, the company founded by the Angelini family in 1958 and as a joint venture with Procter & Gamble since 1992.
Fater is a leader in the Italian market for absorbent hygiene products and a key player in the European Fabric and Home Care market. It was responsible for revolutionising Italy’s hygienic-sanitary market with the introduction of disposable baby diapers and feminine hygiene products, which were largely non-existent at the time. Since 2013, it has operated in the market of fabric and household cleaning detergents, which it now distributes in 39 countries in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company invests approximately 4% of its annual turnover in innovation.
The company’s headquarters are in Pescara, with production facilities in Italy (Pescara and Campochiaro - CB), and abroad, in Porto (Portugal) and Gebze (Turkey).


Fater in figures

  1. 1,600 Employees
  2. 4 Production plants
  3. 1st Recycling plant for absorbent products
  4. 39countries Where it is active on the market

Environment and recycling

For Fater, sustainability is a welcome challenge for innovation and a responsibility borne towards future generations. One example of Fater’s ability to look to the future is its creation of a dedicated internal business unit called FaterSMART, which aims to expand the “0% landfills – 100% New Life” programme in Italy and overseas. This project, which deals with the recycling of used absorbent hygiene products — diapers, feminine hygiene products, products for incontinence — earned the company the Legambiente “Circular Economy Champion” accolade, awarded directly by the European Commission.

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